Past shows include:

“Graduation - Group show
GoodMother Gallery - Oakland CA
Jan 2019

"Velvet ropes" - Group show curated by GIFC
Golsa Gallery - Oslo Norway
Aug 2018

"Velvet ropes" - Group show curated by GIFC
Pt.2 Gallery - Oakland Ca
Aug 2018

"Small" - Group show
Galerie Manqué - Brooklyn NY
June 2018

"Bit Rot"- 3 person show
Galerie Manqué - Brooklyn NY
April 2018

"Landscapes"- Solo show
Paul Loya Gallery - Los Angeles CA
Jan 2018

"People/Places"- Solo Photography show
Doomed Gallery - London England
June 2017

untitiled - solo Photography show
$crap$ - Fresno CA
Feb 2017

"Muscle" - Split show with Kingsley Ifill
Paul Loya Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Jan 2017

"Today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday" - 4 person show
Galerie Manque - Brooklyn NY
Jan 2017

"New Paintings" - Solo show
Somatic Gallery - Long Beach CA
Dec 2016

"Velvet Ropes" - Group show curated by GIFC
86 Forsyth - Brooklyn Ny
Oct 2016

"Albrigo examines Pettibon & Baseball" - Solo show
Museum of Art & History (MOAH) Lancaster CA
Aug - Oct 2016

"Omul Negru" - Group show
Nicodim Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Aug 2016

"Omul Negru" - Group show
Nicodim Gallery - Bucharest, Romania
June 2016

"What a time to be alive" - Group show
Slow Cuture Gallery - Los Angeles
Jan 2016

"Cats out of the bag" - Group show
Slow Culture Gallery - Los Angeles
May 2015

"New Works" - Solo Show
Three Kings Studio - Brooklyn Ny
Jan 2015

"The Botanica" - Group show curated by Michael Bühler-Rose & AA Bronson
Carroll and Sons - Boston, MA
Nov 2014

"The Botanica" - Group show curated by Michael Bühler-Rose & AA Bronson
Invisible Exports - New York City
Nov 2014

"Ducks" - Group exhibition curated by Ryan Travis Christian
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, Ny
Nov 2014

Split show with Tamara Santibañez
Common House Gallery - Austin Tx
Oct 2014

The Smile face museum - Group Exhibition
presented by Salon 94 Nyc
Art Frieze - London
Oct 2014

"Life as a Cheap Suitcase (Pandrogeny & a Search for a Unified Identity)"
The Summerhall Museum, Edinburgh
Aug 2014
(Genesis P-Orridge X Daniel Albrigo Collab Neon sculpture)

"Mini Mansion"- Group Show curated by Andres Guerrero
Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, Ca
June 2014

"Recent Works" - Solo show
Muddguts Gallery, Brooklyn NY
May 2014

"Sacred" - Group show
Parlor Gallery Asbury Park NJ
April 2014

The Smile Face Museum - Group show
Brooklyn Ny
April 2014

"S/HE IS HER/E" - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Solo Exhibition
The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh PA
June - September 2013
(Genesis P-Orridge X Daniel Albrigo  Collab Neon sculpture)

"June Group Show" - Group show
Guerrero Gallery San Francisco CA
June 2013

Group show
Univeristy Museum, College of Liberal Arts
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
January - March  2013

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Oct 2012 - Jan 2013
(Genesis P-Orridge X Daniel Albrigo  Collab Neon sculpture)

Double Solo exhibit with Aj Fosik
Guerrero Gallery San Francisco, Ca
Nov 2012

"WHERE MY CONES AT?" Curated by Ryan Travis Christian
Double Break Gallery, San Diego CA
July 2012

WONDERS - Masterpieces from Private Collections in Denmark
Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.
(Showing Within the Private Collection of Jens-Peter Braask)
June 2012

Still Here Now - Group Show Curated by Daniel Albrigo
MOHS Exhibit. Copenhagen, Denmark
April - May 2012

BRUCENNIAL 2012 - Group show
New York, NY
Feb  2012

Copenhagen Artfair
Mohs Exhibit Booth
Copenhagen Denmark
Oct 2011

"Brother Brother"- Split show
Video Piece shown with Ethan Stickley at Prime Time Gallery
Brooklyn NY
Sept 2011

"Size and Style" - Group show curated by Daniel Albrigo
Day Tripper Gallery, Richmond VA
Aug 2011

"Still Here Now" - Group show
Panda, Nyc  Curated by Mr.Kiji and Daniel Albrigo
May 2011

"Dark Days" - Group show curated by Clementine Nixon
Eyelevel BQE Gallery- Brooklyn NY
Nov 2011

"Everyday"- Group show curated by Andres Gurrero
111 Minna Gallery - San Francisco CA
Sept 2010

"The Psychotropic Mind" - Split show
Daniel Albrigo / Robert Ryan
 YoungLove Gallery - Philadelphia PA
Aug 2010

"Putting your money where your mouth is...A LOVE STORY" - Split show
Daniel Albrigo/ Genesis P-Orridge
Western Exhibitions Chicago
june - aug 2010

"Divine Mourning" - 4 person show
Daniel Albrigo, Chris O'Donnell, Sam Friedman, Luke Barber-Smith
Yes Gallery, Brooklyn NY
May 2010

"Putting your money where your mouth is...A LOVE STORY"
Daniel Albrigo / Genesis P-Orridge
Renwick Gallery NYC  Feb 2010